Making do

I would like to say that I am not tempted to buy new things (yellow cardigan I am talking to you), especially things I don’t need, but that is just not the case.  I’m able to curb any completely insane wants, like 350.00 boots, but really all it takes is a trip to Target and HELLO SUPER SEXY SHINY THINGS I MUST HAVE NOW I SAID NOW!

“What’s the big deal? Buy the crap out of some new earrings from Etsy and call it a day,” my 20-yr-old self says.  Well, for one, I am trying to spend less since I’m not working (for money…I work for sloppy baby kisses I guess?) and for two, I’d like to grow up into a real-live responsible human one day.  You know, the kind my grandmother turned into?  The generation who lived and breathed prudence and could make a week’s worth of meals from like, a can of beans and a Saltine or two.

So for June, I will not be buying anything new. This is so fifth grade for some hardcore dumpster-diver types, but I have to start somewhere, right?  I’m not trying to win any awards here, just trying to take a look at my habits and adjust them accordingly.  I won’t even cheat and go to my favorite thrift store.  The saying “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” is such a good reminder from the Olden Days.   Thank you Olden Days for your clever sayings and tin lunch buckets!

So then.  Let me know if you are taking the challenge as well.  Maybe we can swap bean recipes?


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  1. hey lady! i’m totally down with this! i too fall hard for those shiny things at the store. i was thinking, while saving some cash, i plan to raid my closet and pull out the sowing machine and make something new! if you want to sow some day, lets do it! i gladly take on the challenge 🙂 june starts tomorrow so here goes!! -v

  2. I’m in!! More out of a serious cash-flow issue… something’s gotta give. This does not include groceries, right? (Or does it?) I will say that I just bought a $5 breadmaker from Goodwill (thank Gawd that made it in before June 1!) and I feeling very “Little House on the Prairie” with my homemade loaves. Let’s do this!

  3. Heya! V, I will definitely be (okay, trying to fit in time for…) sewing soon. Actually, maybe tonight!

    Stacey, it is up to you what your “rules” are. I’m buying food, yes. My herb garden won’t quite cut it 🙂

  4. What about Bartering then? I just love a good trade. (A fair trade though- not like a couple I made back in first grade where I got Royally Screwed for a sparkly sticker that did not even stick any more!) Just curious. And I love ya.

    • i LOVE a good trade! currently i’m in need of some gray fabric, just fyi…

      did you collect stickers? my girl cousins did. i was always jealous of the sticker books they had. i hadn’t enough organization skills for such!

  5. I made a commitment to buy NO new summer clothes because I kind of went crazy last year buying clothes and have WAY too many. I’ve held true (except for NEEDED sunscreen shirts for tennis/running and a new bathing suit top on sale for $12 that I NEEDED to cover scars)…I’m pretty proud of myself thus far.

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