the hours

With a quickness, I am just here to state that I will be taking an hour each day (M-F) this week to create things for a certain baby of mine.  You will probably not be doing that exact thing (although he would certainly love any little thing you made him, especially if it involves wheels or hairbrushes), but you may want to visit places where sewing happens more frequently such as this one that taught me how to make pants or over here where I go for unpretentious inspiration.  Do you find yourself making things during the summer?  Clothes, pies, COLD DRINKS?!

And if you’re not into sewing, well.  Maybe you should remind yourself how to kiss with passion!  It’s all about helping you out over here, what can I say.  I’m here for you.

Here’s a brand new week of heat and cicadas.  I know summer’s just beginning, but I find crazy romance in the stick to yourselfness of it.  It’s also a great excuse to sit inside and eat cherries while catching up on Nurse Jackie, say.  OKAY and maybe mom’s lasagna and strawberry pie entered my belly several times as well. Whatever.  Have a good Monday, y’all!


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