the Adult graham cracker

   Really, you will impress people if you tell them you’re making graham crackers. “Make them? What makes them so Grahamy, anyway?”  But you’re in it to win it, not just impress….And making these suckers will definitely be winning, because they are RIDIC DELISH.  Yeah that’s right.  So delicious you can’t finish your WORDS.

I don’t know about you, but graham crackers send me right back to the acid yellow countertop in my grandmother’s kitchen, dunking and fishing out floaty parts with a spoon.  I could (okay, can) shove them in my face for hours.

However, on my new quest to rid my cabinets of “fake foods”, I sought out a homemade recipe for the little guys. However howEVER, if you have a baby under the age of one, you have probably read that honey is a no-no, so I made a special batch for the shortest member of the family.

The recipe I used and tweaked a bit was from the lovely smittenkitchen blog.  I used this recipe because I had all the ingredients on hand, and, having been craving some Real Graham Crackers for weeks now, that was my only real condition.  It turned out to be an amazing recipe!  For batch #1 the only changes I made to the linked recipe were: a tad less honey (maybe only 2 tbsp less), and a smidge more salt.  I highly suggest just eyeballing the cinna-sugar topping and then sprinkling it on, instead of covering every square inch like I did…

For the no-honey-for-baby recipe, before adding the honey to batch #1, I took out 1 1/2 cup of the dough mixture.  I then added 3 tbsp of milk and a dash of vanilla, then wound up adding more flour until the dough was less sticky.  I also didn’t use nearly as much of the sugar sprinkling on top.

Immediately out of the oven, the crackers are more of a cookie and quite soft, but give them about 10 minutes to cool and they become the crispier cracker-like dose of delish you are familiar with!