failures (and exceptions)

Almost immediately after telling the universe that I wouldn’t be buying anything  this month, things broke.  And other things presented themselves.  And then  we….well, we bought a car.  I also confess to buying a pastry blender while antiquing in Indiana.  And fabric. But!  I did notice something.  When I was able to leave the house alone yesterday, I went straight for shopping.  Apparently I don’t know what else to do with time away from the house.  So a new goal (in addition to understanding the stock market, learning Russian, and conquering gardening…) is to find things to do that don’t involve money.  Enter: our new car.  We now have two cars, which means I can leave the house!  This is huge.  I have been planning so many visits to friends and strawberry patches and swingsets.  Huge.

   Other than car buying, I have been sewing.  Lotsa sewing at night this week, just like I said I would (whoa how I love to say things and then actually do them).  Night 1, I made the baby some shorts (jams?).  Night 2, a floor pillow.  Night 3, I cut out a gatrillion pattern pieces which I used last night to start a top for baby.  This top, depending on the outcome, could be his birthday shirt.

   If your brain has a hole where your organization skills should be (like me) you should try this: get a 3-ring binder.  I swear this is the answer to everything.  Get one for every room in your house.  Kitchen?  Binder for recipes.  Office?  Binder for bills.  Studio?  Binder for sewing patterns.  I bet even the bathroom could have one for…something.  Er.  I’ll have to think about that one.